Cosmic Byte Orcus Gaming Mouse Review

Finding the right gaming mouse can be a struggle among all the options available. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as how it looks, how it feels in the hand, light-in-weight, the selection and arrangement of buttons, the quality of its sensors, and whether you want a mouse that is wireless or wired.

In this article, we are going to review Cosmic Byte Orcus RGB Honeycomb Gaming Mouse.

Cosmic Byte Orcus Gaming Mouse Review

Cosmic Byte Orcus Gaming Mouse Review

Design And Build Quality:

The Orcus RGB honeycomb gaming comes with a honeycomb design and seven buttons. And as it is a gaming mouse, what matters the most in a gaming mouse? Weight, because the more light the weight, the more you will get the benefit in ease-force. The weight of this mouse is 74G, the mouse is very lightweight. The mouse comes with a 1.8m braided cable, which is very sturdy and has a good length.

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Left and right, which are its primary clicks, it feels quite clunky if we compare with the second coming mouse in this budget.


  • You are getting the Gaming 725IC sensor in 799, which is a very good sensor according to this budget. So your gaming experience is definitely going to be good.
  • And the polling rate of this mouse is 125HZ which could have been 500Hz.
  • Under this you will get 6 levels of DPI, which you can change with the plus-minus button of this mouse, there are different color changes for different DPI. And you can also apply color on DPI manually


It comes with proper RGB support. Through its software, you can change 12 effects in it and you can also turn its LED ON-OFF. You also get the support of musical lighting in this mouse, in its software, you will get to see 3 musical effects, when you play your PC songs, games, its lighting will also change according to its sound. Which looks very nice.

Gaming Experience:

I played God of War with this mouse. My gaming experience has been very good, if you compare it with a budget gaming mouse, then I like it. And there is no flix-shot problem inside it, there is no mouse failure even in fast movement


Overall in 799Rs have value for money. It is lightweight and also comes along with a decent gaming sensor, but, Polling rate could have been a bit better, Customizable RGB, If your budget is under 1000Rs then you can definitely consider it.

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